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Test Tube Aliens

4Kidz was the creator of Test Tube Aliens (Licensed by JKid Ltd), and marketed the product for 5 years.  Test Tube Aliens was introduced in 2005 and by 2007 Test Tube Aliens landed into 32 countries worldwide.

Test Tube Aliens captured "gee whiz" imaginative fun with web interactive play, making Test Tube Aliens a top toy.

 In 2011 Wild Planet Toys took over Test Tube Aliens, and they went out of business in 2012.  

The web site and it's functions was discontinued in 2012 and no longer is available.

4Kidz has a limited number of the Original Test Tube Aliens for purchase.  As the product is over a dozen years old we can not guarantee if the battery inside the alien still functions.  Also please remember that does not function.

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